Aug 24 2017

Lucky Cantu Shares Her Secrets to 9 Years of Superhero Fundraising

Lucky Cantu is one of our youngest and most dedicated supporters! She has been fundraising for and running in the CASA Superhero Run since its beginning, and we’re excited to share her fundraising advice with you today!

By Lucky Cantu

So I have been a superhero fundraiser for going on 9 years, and I only turned 10 years old this month! I have been supporting and raising money for CASA as long as I can remember, literally! This is a very important cause for my mom and me. She worked as a prosecutor on Child Protective Services cases and saw firsthand what the personal circumstances are for these kids on a day to day basis. A CASA volunteer helps hold their hand to the other side of this. I love helping to put those volunteers in place, because we all need someone to hold our hand even if we are heroes ourselves.

As a runner and fundraiser for the race every year, I get excited to start my “ask” to all my friends and family. When it is that time of the year for CASA fundraising (and my birthday), mentally I say “YES!” I let my mom know what my goal will be and what kind of costume I will wear. (As someone who loves acting and the stage, looking good at the event is pretty important…you should have seen my Fashion Hero costume one year!)

Each year I try to set my goal higher, and have met my goal every time! To do this, we start with an opening email to all those we know that includes information about the importance of the cause, why we personally are involved, fun pictures from previous years’ runs, and my personal giving link. We always start before my birthday, and ask that people give to CASA as my birthday gift. While I love gifts, helping others is way better! It means more to me and the giver both! Friends and family will give since it is for a good cause, and our friends and family know that this is the one and only time of the year (well mostly) that we will ask for them to open their wallets wide and share! Last year I had a big birthday party and almost everybody there donated to my CASA fund and even participated in the race themselves.

Another reason that I think that people give is because it is personal, and know that I will keep sending personal reminders (every week) until they give. Truly, they might just be giving to get the emails to stop, but whatever the reason they know that I will acknowledge them with a thank you, and even write handwritten cards to those who give $50 or more. I have several people I love in my “posse” or “squad” who give $100 every year as well. A few have even asked about being volunteers themselves and will be forming their own teams this year.

Sharing this information with others is what is so important. So even if you don’t reach your goal, that’s okay! CASA appreciates anything you do whether as just a runner, fundraiser or news sharer. This year, I have almost met my goal in only 2 weeks of signing up, maybe a record for me, but because of that, I think I’ll up my goal and raise the bar for all of us, and you can too!

While Lucky has currently met her initial goal, the CASA Superhero Run still has a long way to go to reach our $85,000 fundraising goal! We encourage you to donate to Lucky’s page or give generally to the race to help support kids who’ve been through abuse or neglect. You can also register for the 5K or Kids 1K, sign up to be a fundraiser, or volunteer on race day. Will you be a superhero like Lucky?

CASA Superhero Run August 2017

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