Dec 05 2019

What We're Into This December

Welcome back to our monthly series of What We’re Into, an update on everything CASA staff is buzzing about! We’re here as Certified Professional Enthusiasts to keep the series going with some recommendations on movies, articles, and everything else in recent memory that pertains to our advocacy at CASA.

We’re sad to say that this is our final installment of the year, but don’t worry we’ll be back in January! If you find some time between shopping, hosting family, entertaining guests or just wrapping gifts this holiday season, feel free to enjoy one of the wonderful options from our staff this month. We hope you enjoy the holidays!

If you’re looking for a good movie or tv show, watch

The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau

“The Mandalorian is a fantastic new TV show on Disney+ that takes place in the Star Wars universe. I loved watching the main character, the Mandalorian take care of a baby Yoda throughout the season. This baby Yoda has no permanency and the Mandalorian tries to help seek this out. It reminded me of the work our volunteers do, seeking out safe and permanent homes for the youth we serve.” – Alejandro Victoria, Director of Volunteer Admissions

Black Lightning, created by Salim Akil

“The CW has a great series now in its third season about a crusading school principal who is secretly possessing superpowers. Black Lightning is the original African-American electrical superhero who defends his community. I just love seeing the intentional direction of a show led by an African-American hero who can serve as a hero for communities who are disproportionally represented in the media.” – Michael Webber, Program Assistant

If you’re looking for a good read, check out

Antagonist, Advocates and Allies: The Wake Up Call Guide for White Women Who Want to Become Allies with Black Women by Catrice M. Jackson

Antagonist, Advocates and Allies is an action-oriented guide for anyone who cares about being truly active in dismantling racism and assessing their own role in these systems. This self-evaluation is something that everyone should go through, and most especially when we’re working in the child welfare system with its dramatic and unfortunate overrepresentation of black children. We can and should strive to be allies in our everyday work and existence, and reading this book (and taking author Catrice M. Jackson’s words truly to heart) is a great way to move forward in these never-ending efforts.” – Callie Langford, Director of Communications

Talking to Strangers, by Malcolm Gladwell

“This book is a thoughtful and enjoyable read. It is important for us to understand how to speak to strangers in order to avoid conflict or misunderstanding. As a Child Advocacy Specialist, I meet many people from different backgrounds, and it is important for me to understand my role in our first interaction. Gladwell provides his readers with tools and strategies to better approach people we don’t know.” – Brooke Hathaway, Advocacy Program Manager

A Piece of Cake: A Memoir, by Cupcake Brown

“This book tells the story of an orphaned girl and her journey through foster care. It is a powerful story that is honest, genuine, and heartfelt. While it is difficult to read at times, it is an important read that provides us with a glimpse of a difficult path towards adulthood.” – Anitra Edwards, Advocacy Program Manager

If you’re looking for your next podcast, take a listen to

Armchair Expert, Hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman

“I discovered this podcast earlier this year and I haven’t stopped listening. I was not a big fan of Dax Shepard, but I quickly became one when I heard his story. Dax is not shy and is often candid with his guests about his past, but that sets the stage for a deeper conversation with them. Alongside his co-anchor Monica, they tackle difficult conversations about addiction, abuse, and trauma. While he is not a trained expert, he does refer a lot to the many programs that have helped him reach a better emotional state. Best of all, he is extremely proud of his mother who is a CASA volunteer in Oregon and will bring it up on occasion.” – Ishmael Behrhorst, Digital Marketing Manager  

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