Dec 07 2017

Meet Volunteer Advocate Sarvesh Rajasekaran

by Ashika Sethi

Sarvesh moved to Austin two and a half years ago for the live music scene, but what he didn't expect to get was a new worldview

Sarvesh grew up in St. Louis and went to school at The University of Michigan for computer engineering before packing his bags and making the trek to Texas. It wasn’t long before he heard an ad for CASA on KUT and decided to apply to become a CASA volunteer in Travis County.

As an Android app developer by trade, Sarvesh says his work as a CASA volunteer acts as a much needed change of pace and reality check.

"I’ve learned how resilient children are."

“As a CASA volunteer, I’ve learned how resilient children are,” says Sarvesh. “When you get a case and see all the trauma a child has gone through in such a short life, it’s astounding to see how strong they are despite their experiences”

When asked about how CASA has changed his perspective on the world, Sarvesh insists it’s impossible to be a CASA volunteer and not learn something.

“After becoming a CASA volunteer, I’ve become very thankful for my own upbringing and privileges that came with it,” says Sarvesh.

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