Dec 06 2016

Meet Volunteer Advocate Bob Jefferis

Bob_Jefferis-259x313.jpgBob Jefferis is no stranger to responsibility and his 35 years as a geologist, engineer and project manager for the energy industry prove that. Working for a global company, Bob found himself on very diverse teams, getting to meet wide varieties of different people. He got to manage enormous projects on land and on the ocean, both in the US and abroad. Some were enormous, including a $16 billion project with more than 50,000 workers.

So when he neared his retirement and considered what to do in his "next life," Bob was drawn to CASA. "One thing I liked about CASA is you actually have a lot of responsibility for a volunteer job," he says. "It's not the same but it's equivalent."

He has found that the skills which were valuable for him in industry - organization and prioritization, working well with a wide variety of people, and overcoming disappointing results to name a few - are equally valuable on a CASA case. It was a perfect fit.

"Having worked with engineering data and heavy equipment and manufacturing for 35 years, getting into the social area was a big change," he explained."But that's one of the reasons I really enjoy it." 

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