Aug 23 2016

Fundraising as a Superhero Family

WrightFamily259-259x346.jpgMy family loves the CASA Superhero Run. My daughter, Charlotte, is only two but she treasures the trophy she won in the Super Baby costume contest last year, and my three year old son, Kyle, was ecstatic to get his own trophy last year when he raised enough money to be a CASA Crusader. My husband and I just love seeing how excited it makes our kids and we love supporting CASA as a family.

A big part of that, for us, is the fundraising aspect of the race. Not only do we get to raise money for such a great cause, it's a way to tell our kids, "This is who we are. This is what we do as a family." When they show up on race day, they aren't just there to enjoy the activities; they're there to be a true superhero for other kids. Charlotte isn't old enough to realize what she is doing yet, but I already see Kyle recognizing that he didn't just run a race. He did something good for others.  When I explain the mission of CASA and tell him how CASA helps kids whose parents are unable to protect them or keep them safe, he says, “That is a problem, and I am going to fix it."  Hearing him want to be a part of the solution is why we fundraise as a family.

If you want to fundraise with your family and start your kids on giving back from an early age, there are four things you should remember.

1. Get the kids involved.

Everyone loves kids and pets, right?!

Get them involved in choosing their superhero, take pictures along the way and post them to your social media accounts. Show the story of your entire family getting ready for the run. 

2. Guilt them, until you get them.

It's really hard to say "no" to kids. Have your kids record a video message asking for donations from their target audience (i.e. Meme and Papa, plus aunts and uncles). They will cave after the first ask. 

3. Update your social media with your fundraising goal every other day.

Show your progress and make it quantifiable for the readers: $1500 will give a CASA kid a volunteer for a year, so how many cups of latte does it take to reach that?  Ask for specific amounts each time: $1, $5, skip the muffin with the coffee and add $3 to the donation that day. 

4. Keeping up with the Joneses.

Tag people who donate with a thank you note on social media from the kids and your family. Their friends will see and want to join in as well. Ask them to also share and promote on their page. 

Happy Fundraising!  

If you want to fundraise as a superhero family like the Wrights do, register for the CASA Superhero Run today at

Fundraising CASA Superhero Run August 2016

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