Employment Text

We operate with…

Integrity: We are committed to the best interest of the people we serve and of the organization we represent. We approach people and challenges with honesty, trustworthiness and openness. Excellence: We strive for continuous improvement, to be the best we can be, individually and collectively. We are accountable. Action: We get things done. We are determined, creative, strategic, and goal-oriented. We persevere. Empowerment: We build resilience in each other to succeed in this rigorous work. We are empowered when we demonstrate the courage of our convictions. We empower others when we listen and respect their thoughts, opinions and feelings. Inclusion: We are stronger as a group when diversity and uniqueness are valued. We strive for equity. Generosity: We assume the best about each other’s intentions. We speak of others with kindness and treat one another with care and compassion. Hope: We remember that good can arise from difficulty and we look for optimism. We believe in the power of one person to change another’s life for the better.

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