Early Family Engagement (EFE) Volunteers

Early Family Engagement (EFE) Volunteers focus on ensuring that children remain connected to their families from the earliest stage of a CPS case. This short-term, fast-paced role conducts initial visits and assessments with children, their caregivers, their parents, and other relatives, to represent CASA at the first case hearing.

Specific Tasks
  • Meet in person with the child or children prior to the initial hearing
  • Interview the parents prior to the initial hearing
  • Interview relatives and research family connections
  • Contact collaterals
  • Gather and document info
  • Appear at initial hearing to advocate for the child(ren)’s best interest

Time Commitment*
10–12 hrs/case over a 7–10 day period, 6 cases per year

Training Requirements
39 hours + 2.5 hr EFE training

Continuing Ed Requirements
12 hrs/year