Early Family Engagement (EFE) Volunteers

*We are not actively recruiting volunteers for Early Family Engagement roles at this time.

Early Family Engagement (EFE) Volunteers focus on ensuring that children remain connected to their families from the earliest stage of a CPS case. This short-term, fast-paced role conducts initial visits and assessments with children, their caregivers, their parents, and other relatives, to represent CASA at the first case hearing.

Specific Tasks
  • Meet in person with the child or children prior to the initial hearing
  • Interview the parents prior to the initial hearing
  • Interview relatives and research family connections
  • Contact collaterals
  • Gather and document info
  • Appear at initial hearing to advocate for the child(ren)’s best interest

Time Commitment*
10–12 hrs/case over a 7–10 day period, 6 cases per year

Training Requirements
39 hours + 2.5 hr EFE training

Continuing Ed Requirements
12 hrs/year