Jan 26 2024

CASA's Impact in 2023: A Snapshot

Read below to see how we worked toward CASA of Travis County’s vision in 2023: 

“Quality advocacy, a safe home, and a promising future for every child in Travis County.” 


Quality Advocacy

In 2023, we continued to accept automatic appointment from the Court to every newly-filed case of child abuse or neglect. Nearly 600 CASA volunteers advocated for the best interest of almost 1,000 children who had experienced abuse or neglect.

CASA helped to close cases for more than 450 of those children, enabling them to leave the child welfare system. Of those children, 79% were successfully reunited with their parents or permanently placed with relatives.

CASA volunteers made more than 3,000 recommendations to the Court (a 39% increase over 2022!), of which 95% were either ordered by the Court or agreed by parties without a hearing.


Safe Homes

Children’s safety while in the child welfare system continues to be one of our highest priorities. Our volunteers and staff reported nearly 150 incidents of abuse or neglect of children in the State’s care and 113 troubling incidents of suicidal ideation or self-harm. A disproportionate number of these incidents occurred in institutions and congregate care facilities.

To help children exit the child welfare system, which is not the best place for kids, CASA identified and engaged nearly 600 relatives for children (a 27% increase over 2022!). CASA’s efforts resulted in a 59% increase in relatives engaged with children compared to the start of those cases.

To provide normalcy for children and to keep them in stable placements, preferably with family and relatives whenever safe, CASA provided more than $180,000 in direct financial assistance in support of the children we serve, primarily through our Bridge to Permanency program. Of children helped through Bridge to Permanency, 81% were either in the same stable placement 90 days later or had exited the system altogether.   


Promising Futures

For children and youth whose cases closed with the help of CASA,  

  • 79% were successfully reunited with family or permanently placed with relatives;  
  • 88% have at least 3 healthy adult connections; 
  • 88% of school-age kids have a diploma/GED or were on track to receive one; and 
  • When needs were identified, CASA advocated for services to address physical or mental health needs for 98% of children.  


CASA volunteers are courageous, determined, compassionate, and inspiring. And so much more. Even this brief snapshot of impact from 2023 reflects extraordinary selflessness and generosity of spirit. To all our supporters and our treasured CASA volunteers, we say, on behalf of the children we serve, thank you! You are transforming lives.  

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