CASA's Future

CASA's Future

Introducing CASA's 2023-2027 Strategic Plan


Since June of 2022, CASA of Travis County accepted automatic appointment from the Court to every new case of child abuse or neglect filed in Travis County. This is a milestone toward which we have worked for the last 38 years, but it does not mean that our work is finished. The situations of children experiencing abuse or neglect are more challenging than ever.  

With the support of our community and judges and the work of our volunteers, Board and staff, we have led innovations in child safety, family finding and engagement, diversity & disproportionality, serving youth at risk of aging out of the system, and more. Our experience and the increased needs of children and families lead us now to embark upon an exciting new strategic plan, with new, refined, and expansive mission and vision statements.  

We invite you to embrace our new mission and vision statements, and to join us as we set out toward a future that inspires opportunities to thrive for children who have experienced abuse or neglect.


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The difference that a committed volunteer can make in the life of a child is profound. CASA’s future focuses on empowered volunteers and elevated and expanded advocacy that focuses on well-being, safe homes, and promising futures for the children we serve and their families.


You can help us make this plan a reality by giving today.