Grievance Form

Grievance Form

In the course of our work as court-appointed guardians ad litem advocating for the best interests of children, we recognize that we will have disagreements with others involved in these cases. Many of these disagreements are attributable to the nature of our court-based work, wherein different parties take different positions on what is the best outcome of a case.

When, however, there are complaints about CASA’s professionalism, or whether we are fulfilling our statutory role, or about child safety, as opposed to dissatisfaction that our stated position in a case is not what another party wishes it were, we take those concerns very seriously and wish to address them. In most situations, these concerns can be satisfactorily addressed informally, through conversation with the CASA staff, starting with the staff person most directly involved or knowledgeable, continuing if necessary to that person’s supervisor, our Associate or Senior Director of Advocacy, and potentially culminating with CASA’s Chief Program Officer. We welcome and encourage these conversations.

In the event that informal conversation does not resolve a person’s concern, they may choose to make a formal written grievance to the Associate or Senior Director of Advocacy, or Senior Director of Community Engagement, Chief Program Officer, or Chief Executive Officer, all of whom can be reached at 7600 Chevy Chase Dr, Ste 200, Austin, TX 78752 or at 512-459-2272. A formal written grievance may also be submitted through the form below.

Grievances will be shared with Texas CASA and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission in compliance with state regulations and should not be considered confidential, though CASA will make best efforts to protect the privacy of the parties involved.