Oct 07 2018

Celebrating World Smile Day

WSD_2018_-_Feature-259x300.jpgRachel, Child Advocacy Specialist

I received this email from a CASA volunteer recently after she attended her kid’s volleyball game:

“It was so fun to get to visit with her. She came and sat with me while the "A" squad was playing and we had a really good time. She told me that her homecoming was coming up and I was asking her questions about it since things are different in Texas and there are all these traditions, and she was telling me about mums that people get to wear to school on Homecoming day. After our visit, I texted her family to see if they were planning on doing a mum for her, or if I could help, and they loved the idea, so I ended up using my arts and crafts skills to make her one that I dropped off yesterday. She LOVED it and was so happy.”

Hollie, Teen Advocacy Specialist

One CASA volunteer I supervise was taking her teen to our Teen Advocacy and Permanency Project (TAPP) meet up and on the way they decided to share things they were grateful for. The teen said, “I am grateful for you!!....and my new shoes!”

It had a big impact on the CASA volunteer as sometimes I think we forget how much we mean to our kids and how much we impact their lives.

Nicole, Child Advocacy Specialist

My CASA volunteer went to visit a kid at his grandmother’s this month for the first time. He’s been living with his grandmother for a few months and hasn’t seen his mom since the move. During the visit, the volunteer told him that she was going to see his mom in a few days. When she was leaving he asked her to wait because he “had something for mommy.” He went to his room and came back out with a half-deflated balloon with Nemo and Dory on it. He told her, “Me and mommy always watch Finding Nemo together so I got her this balloon.” My volunteer asked him if there was anything he wanted her to tell his mom. He responded, “Just tell her that I love her.” As my volunteer was walking out the door, the grandmother said, “Want to know something cute? He bought that balloon with his tooth fairy money.”

My volunteer told that story when we went to meet mom together and all 3 of us started crying. It was a really special moment for the family to connect when they’re far away.

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