Sep 08 2018

Celebrating National Grandparents Day

grandparents-feature-259x301.jpgElizabeth Throop
Family Engagement Specialist

“I’m working on a case where the grandparents are planning to adopt eight of their grandchildren! The grandmother said there was no question if she would take them in or not, and both grandparents had to rearrange their schedules to make it work. On a recent visit, I was very impressed by the way the grandparents interacted with the kids - they were nurturing and gave each child individualized attention. The kids call their grandparents “Mom” and “Dad” and are looking forward to their adoption day!”

Amy Jorgensen
Child Advocacy Specialist

“Grandparents have been the most inspiring part of this job so far. I have a grandmother who is taking care of three grandchildren. As a back-to-school treat, the grandmother took all of the kiddos to the Marvel Universe superhero event at the Frank Erwin Center! It was the grandmother’s idea and CASA helped fund their excursion through Foster Angels…

I have another grandmother and grandfather who have taken in all 9 of their grandchildren. The grandfather works long and hard hours to provide for the children and the grandmother does all the school runs and medical appointments for the kids as well as looking after the baby all day. They are amazing!”

Michelle Miles
Child Advocacy Specialist

“I had grandparents who took in their teenage grandchildren even though it was really difficult for them. The teens were skipping school and causing issues in house, and the family didn’t have a lot of money to care for the kids. While they really just wanted to be grandparents, they realized it was more important for them to parent the youth in that moment. The grandmother even saved money so that she could still take the kids on a summer vacation, just as she would have done as their grandmother, to give them the grandparent experience they were now missing.”

Ashika Sethi
Marketing Coordinator

“During a court observation, one grandparent expressed to the judge how she was always going to be 100% available for her grandchild. Her unwavering support and compassion for both her child and grandchild were incredibly powerful to witness.”

Amanda Dawson
Child Advocacy Specialist

“One great grandma, who has largely been raising two young children for most of their lives, consistently refers to her great granddaughters as her reason to live. The kids express such devotion to their great grandmother. They call her ‘Mama’!”

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