Apr 19 2018

A Thank-You to CASA Volunteers

by Ashika Sethi

thank-you-feature-259x303.jpgHere at CASA, we ask a lot of our volunteers. From maintaining their role as a stable adult in a child’s life to inputting calls and emails into our database, the day-to-day requirements of CASA volunteers are extensive. We at CASA of Travis County are incredibly grateful that so many wonderful adults in our community have embraced this volunteer opportunity with poise and passion.

Today, some members of our staff would like to say thank you for the work that our CASA volunteers do every day to make children’s lives better.

"My volunteers up my game! They ask questions I haven’t thought of, challenge things we need to challenge, and do things I don’t have time to do. They also bring an incredible positivity and humor to our work. I’m thankful of them because I know through their work that there are good and caring people in the world who are willing to spend innumerable hours and emotional energy to help and serve others.
Our CASA volunteers are often the most stable, reliable connection in a child’s life. They show kids that they are cared for and refuse to give up on kids who are “difficult” to serve. They model appropriate boundaries, structure, empathy, balance and resilience for our kids.
I admire that CASA volunteers take on a job that can be very challenging for the love of children. They bring an incredible and diverse set of skills to our work. They don’t give up even when things get tough. They are truly committed.”
Diana McCue, LMSW
Teen Advocacy Specialist

“I am thankful for and admire all the following things I have seen in our CASA volunteers and so much more:

I have seen volunteers bring legal parties and families together, facilitating communication and nudging everyone forward on the case. I have seen volunteers overcome their individual experiences and perceptions and model strong empathy for our families and parents. I have seen volunteers advocate for children to be with their families. I have seen volunteers track down and bring back contact of extended family members bringing in support to their cases and helping them close with a safer, more connected, loving, and supportive permanent home. I have had legal parties share how great a volunteer has been on their case, and compliment their court reports. I have seen volunteers respond quickly with pertinent information as emergencies arise on their cases. I have seen volunteers handle conflict and contentious conversations with grace and empathy. I have seen volunteers preserve placements, and find better placements for their CASA kiddos.

On rough days I think about my team of remarkable volunteers and am re-inspired.”

Amanda Dawson, LMSW
Child Advocacy Specialist
“I’m appreciative of my CASA volunteers because they go above and beyond to dig for information even when obstacles are put in their way. This means that kids’ needs that would otherwise slip through the cracks are able to stay at the top of the list of priorities.”
Laura Honsig
Child Advocacy Specialist
“I appreciate CASA volunteers’ sacrifice of time and energy to help complete strangers because they care about and have a heart for “all children.”

Our CASA volunteers impact the children we serve in so many ways. They help them get all of their basic needs and beyond met on a regular, ongoing basis - with school needs, therapy, sibling visits, extracurricular activities, creating connections with family, finding placements, making sure they are in homes where they feel safe and comfortable, helping to make sure parents are doing what they need to in order for the kids to come home, finding adoptive families, making certain holidays and events special for them, and the list goes on.

I admire the volunteers for the fact that they are selflessly doing this volunteer job because they truly care about children in the foster care system. I admire that they spend so many hours every month doing something that they don’t get paid to do, simply because they know the need is there and they step up to the plate to help. I admire their heart and dedication to children.”

Elizabeth Throop
Child Advocacy Specialist
“Our volunteers are some of the most generous people I know who freely give their time and resources to help push the system along in a truly impactful way. They think outside the box and truly focus on the best interest of children. 

CASA volunteers truly think about what is best for the children involved. They connect with these kids in a positive and healthy way that allows them to see things from a different perspective. They are willing and able to donate their time to serve these children and are the only people on the legal team that are not paid to be there. That means a lot to kids.”

Stephanie Weiss
Senior Director of Advocacy

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