Volunteer Engagement & Retention Specialist

We are looking for a Volunteer Engagement & Retention Specialist (VERS) who can ensure ongoing engagement for CASA volunteers throughout their tenure as advocates and promote volunteer retention through outreach, solicitation of feedback, and volunteer recognition and appreciation activities.

CASA of Travis County believes every child who's experienced abuse or neglect deserves to have a dedicated advocate speaking up for their best interest in court, at school, and in our community. To accomplish this, the team at CASA educates and empowers diverse community volunteers who ensure each child's needs remain a priority in an overburdened child welfare system. Through inclusive, honorable and respectful involvement with families, courts and all parties, CASA makes independent and educated recommendations that prioritize children’s safety and, wherever possible, preserve connections to their families.       

As the Volunteer Engagement & Retention Specialist, you will reports to the Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Retention (DVRR) and assists the DVRR with the case matching process for volunteers returning from leave, screening of returning volunteers, and analysis of volunteer retention and reassignment data. The VERS tracks volunteer milestones, supports Advocacy staff in ensuring recognition at these milestones and throughout the volunteer experience, and facilitates the process of both volunteer performance evaluations and volunteer feedback surveys. Additionally, the VERS supports Child Advocacy Specialists in implementing best practices to promote increased volunteer engagement and retention and collaborates with the DVRR to provide training to Advocacy staff in volunteer engagement as needed.

At the end of your first year, success would mean the creation of engagement opportunities for CASA volunteers of diverse backgrounds and experiences; establishment of a consistent system of collaboration with the CASA Advocacy team regarding opportunities to engage, recognize, and celebrate CASA volunteers; development of strategies with the DVRR to support increased volunteer retention, including a system to maintain engagement of “on leave” volunteers and the case matching process for volunteers returning from leave.

The Volunteer Engagement & Retention Specialist is a critical role to move CASA of Travis County towards meeting our vision of providing Quality advocacy, a safe home and a promising future for every child in Travis County.

Starting salary is $50,000.

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