Mar 13 2020

CASA of Travis County’s COVID-19 Response and Protocols

Updated as of 3/7/22

CASA of Travis County is continually monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation locally and nationwide. The safety of the children we serve, our volunteers, and our staff is of paramount importance. We are determined to take prudent measures to help keep people safe, while continuing to fulfill our critical mission. As the situation is constantly changing, we will continue to evaluate our practices and response, and this page will be updated to reflect the most recent information for our community.


CASA of Travis County Offices

The CASA offices are currently open, however any visits need to be planned in advance. Please contact your supervisor if you need to plan a visit to the CASA offices. 

Masks are optional in the CASA of Travis County offices, however they are highly encouraged if you are unvaccinated or high-risk, in keeping with public health guidance. 


Child Visits & Meetings

As the CDC guidance and local protocols shift, CASA is shifting back to our standard policies regarding child visits, with a few caveats. The Travis County Courts are also transitioning back to in-person hearings, and the most up-to-date information can be found here. 

Though the case counts continue to fall in our community, COVID-19 is still a risk to the children we serve, their families, and their caregivers. We ask that you keep that in mind as you conduct visits and other CASA-related advocacy work.

  • Masks should be worn when inside homes or buildings, when transporting children, and when in close proximity to others. This is not mandatory for volunteers who are vaccinated but is our recommendation.
  • As is always the case, CASA staff and volunteers should comply with requests by caregivers and parents to mask, distance, or visit outside and consider your own vaccination status in taking precautions.
  • If you feel sick, experience symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, we ask that you refrain from any in-person CASA-related work or visits.
  • RTCs and shelters remain very high risk because distancing of youth placed in congregate settings is nearly impossible. Please be vigilant with masking and social distance when visiting congregate care settings, and follow the rules of those facilities.

Aside from the guidance above, we are lifting all additional restrictions on in-person contact effective immediately. Transportation is allowed by those approved to transport, though we ask that you please check with your supervisor to make sure all documentation is up to date before doing so. Driver’s licenses and insurance information must be provided annually and many expired during the time that we did not allow transportation.

Please refer to the Program Policies with Best Interest Recommendations for further guidance on what is permitted, and visit if you need to reference our updated protocols in the future. While it is our hope that we will continue to see lower rates of infection and less community risk, should there be another increase in infection rates or a shift in public health guidance, we will adapt our protocols accordingly.

Our priority has always been, and will remain, the safety and health of the children we serve, their caregivers, and you, our volunteers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor with questions.


Presenting in Court

The Travis County Civil and Family Courts are beginning in-person hearings in March 2022. The most current information can be found here


Recruitment, Trainings, & Info Sessions 

We still have big goals for recruitment this year, knowing that the majority of the children we serve come from vulnerable populations who may be more dramatically affected by the pandemic. We will need more volunteers to advocate for children still in need once we’re back to regular operations.

We’re continuing volunteer recruiting online. We are conducting Volunteer Info Sessions and pre-training interviews virtually.

We are now providing our volunteer training virtually over Zoom.

We will move forward with our continuing education trainings for current volunteers on this system as well. We will communicate with current volunteers as these are scheduled.


Events & Other Group Activities

Please stay tuned for information on the 2022 volunteer appreciation party and other group activities. 



Stay Informed

We encourage all of our volunteers, staff and supporters to stay informed and protect themselves and others. As this is ongoing, we will make any needed updates to our protocol on this webpage, and will inform our staff and volunteers of urgent changes via email and text messaging.

You can follow local updates and recommendations on the City of Austin’s COVID-19 website:

Questions? Email us with any questions or concerns you have may have.

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