You did this. Way to go.

Feb 10 2014

By Callie Langford

My favorite thing about CASA is how it is completely powered by our fantastic Austin community. We would not exist were it not for the 593 volunteers who decided to give precious pieces of their time to help children last year, or the hundreds of generous donors who shared their funds to ensure children get the advocacy and support they desperately need.

So when looking at the record-breaking numbers from 2013, I have to say thank you. To all of you. You made great things happen for 1,605 children who had CASA on their side last year. You volunteered, donated, shared the CASA story, and did a whole lot of awesome things to make the lives of children in Austin better.

You’re the reason 378 children were reunified with their parents in safe and loving homes, and 144 children found permanent homes with relatives so they stayed connected to their heritage. You helped another 93 children be adopted by new families who welcomed them into their homes and lives.

Because you told people about CASA and let them know about this important cause, 207 new volunteers completed training in 2013. The majority of them learned about CASA through friends, family and coworkers.

And CASA volunteers, because you are dedicated to kids, 49% of you who closed a case in 2012 took on a new case in 2013! Many of you not only gave time on your cases, but also came to recruitment events and amplified your volunteer efforts by bringing in new advocates for kids.

Thank you all. CASA wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. You are the reason children have trained volunteer advocates, safe homes and promising futures.

I know you want that for all children. So when you think about all the ways you will be a part of the CASA community in 2014, think about the 700 children who still needed a CASA volunteer last year. I know all of us at CASA of Travis County look forward to working with each of you to get that number down to zero.