The Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer with CASA

Jul 19 2012


By Marissa Marquez, CASA Volunteer

I have been a CASA volunteer here in Austin since October 2010 and I am always trying to recruit new CASA volunteers.  After being asked many times, “Why do you want to be a CASA volunteer?,”  I came up with top 3 reasons why I became a CASA volunteer, as well as the top 10 reasons you should be one!


Top 3 reasons I wanted to be a CASA volunteer

  1. Throughout high school, college, and law school, I volunteered with different non-profits that involved helping children. My first reason for becoming a CASA is because I genuinely want to help kids and wanted to be a voice for them. These kids did not ask to be abused and/or neglected and so I think it is our duty, as adults, to help them in any way possible.
  2. I was born and raised in Laredo, Texas which is a city very near the Mexican border, which in my case meant that I grew up speaking Spanish – it was my first language. I wanted to serve the Latino community and use my Spanish because  I knew that there were a lot of Latino children in the CPS system and I did not want to lose my Spanish-speaking abilities. 
  3. I wanted a reality check. I am human which means I am not perfect. For example, I do think it is the end of the world when I have to be somewhere and there is traffic. I do complain when my airplane is delayed 20 minutes or when my Angry Birds app isn’t working. I wanted to be a CASA volunteer because it made me realize that there are greater problems in the world – like an abused or neglected child who has no one to advocate for them.


Top 10 reasons you should be a CASA volunteer

10 - To add experience in your resume

9 - To develop people skills & communication skills

8 - To develop new job skills

7 - To have fun!

6 - Allows you to explore possible career paths

5 - To build on your self-esteem and self-confidence

4 - To do something you can do with your friend or significant other 

3 - Share your skills with others

2 - To build personal and professional contacts

1 - Above all the things you will gain, you will help a child in a tremendous way – Remember that you can be a powerful voice for them!