teleNetwork is a growing superhero for CASA!

Oct 10 2013

By Callie Langford

teleNetwork has been sponsoring the CASA Superhero Run and bringing a large team to this annual event since 2009, and they are growing to be an even bigger superhero for CASA kids every single year. In 2009, they made a $500 sponsorship as a company, but they also paid for more than 50 of their employees to register to run in the race.

Over the years they’ve competed successfully for largest team and supported the race as a sponsor whenever possible, but for 2013, teleNetwork soared up, up and away as they became a $5,000 sponsor through some very creative means. Amber Honeycutt, a training supervisor at teleNetwork, led this year’s efforts. “In previous years we’ve come up just short of a sponsorship, so this year I went to the executives to see if they would match whatever the employees could collect in donations and they agreed to. Since June we were asking employees to give through our chat system and company emails, and on our last day we were $500 away from $2,500. I kept broadcasting the need that day and within 2 hours we raised that final $500,” said Amber. With the company match, teleNetwork was able to come in as a $5,000 Extraordinary Sponsor for the 2013 CASA Superhero Run. And they continue to pay the registration fee for any employees who sign up to run, plus one child each!

teleNetwork - Sponsor of 2013 CASA Superhero Run, Austin, Texas

Members of the 2013 teleNetwork team, the TNI Troopers!

Amber says that teleNetwork participates in many different nonprofit and charity activities including food drives, toy collections and disaster relief when needed, but the CASA Superhero Run has been their most consistent charity cause over the years. Their involvement with the CASA Superhero Run started with an employee 5 years ago who had a personal connection to the CASA cause. He got the original sponsorship and team going, and the company enjoyed it so much they’ve come back ever since.

We’re tremendously appreciative of teleNetwork’s continued and creative support for children through our annual CASA Superhero Run. We encourage other companies looking for creative event sponsorships or community involvement ideas to get in touch with our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Cruz Correa, via email or by calling 512.539.2657.