Super Femmes Race to Fundraising Success for CASA

Oct 29 2012

By Robin Bradford

What do you get when you mix half a dozen old friends, a graphic design class, heart-breaking stories of children in need, and striped socks? You wind up with the Super Femmes, the team that raised the most money for last month’s CASA Superhero Run. “None of us are really runners,” Tracy Paccone, the Super Femmes team leader confessed, “but we were willing to run and put on costumes for CASA!”

Team Super Femmes - CASA Superhero Run
Super Femmes team members (left to right): Jennifer Pickerill, Tracy Paccone, Shannon Sprung, Hadley Hill, Melissa Boswell, Leah Neas and Monrovia Van Hoose (kneeling). Not shown: Amy Russell.

A full-time mom and part-time graphic design student, Tracy had heard inspiring stories about child advocacy from a relative who was a CASA volunteer in another state. So, when she learned about the CASA Superhero Run it touched her heart. Tracy was further inspired when her next class assignment was to design a fundraising campaign! After checking with an online “roller derby team name generator,” the friends settled on the team name Super Femmes to both capture their quality as “super friends” and their combined power as women. Tracy designed the team’s logo and costume and team members cheered each other on at their weekly dinner get-togethers.

“The hardest part was finding the stars for the costumes,” Tracy shared, “raising money for CASA wasn’t difficult at all!” The Super Femmes were further inspired by Steven Olender’s blog about how he’d inspired his friends to give through the creation of his zany home-made Under Dog costume. “I thought if he can do this, so can we!” In the end the seven-member Super Femme team raised $4,375 from 56 people and inspired a lot of winning smiles.