Runners We Love: The King Family

Aug 12 2015

By Steven Olender

For Brian King, Board President at CASA of Williamson County, and his family, the CASA Superhero Run has been a family tradition ever since WilCo joined the event in 2012. “It's been something the whole family looks forward to," and Brian says he and his wife Catherine have watched their three daughters grow up as superheroes.

When they first ran the race dressed as PowerPuff Girls in 2012, Isabelle, Madeline and Jacqueline were 6, 5 and 3, respectively. For them, the race was just a fun day of costumes and activities, but over the years things have changed. They've begun to understand what the race is about.  "The older girls know the reason we are dressing up," explained Brian, "and the reason we tell our friends about CASA is because there are kids who don't have a mom or a dad or family member that can help speak up for them.” And that's not a thing most children their age understand.

The CASA Superhero Run was an easy way to get them involved and thinking about how they can help others. "It's kind of tricky to explain the legal system to them," Brian joked. "Permanent conservatorship. Judge appointments. Memoranda of Understanding. All of that kind of flies over their heads." But even if they don't understand all the legal aspects, all three girls understand that they are making a difference. They've even planned and run their own fundraiser for CASA, selling cookies at their school.

King Kids

Brian and Catherine have loved watching their daughters learn "the  difference between being somewhere for fun and being somewhere for a reason." The girls still haven't decided what they want to be this year, but they are sure of one thing. They will dress their dog, Pepper (who is not a wiener dog - I asked them), as Super Hotdog.

What would Brian tell families considering registering for the CASA Superhero Run?
"Bar none the best family event in Central Texas. You get to spend time with your family for something that is meaningful in an extremely fun way."