Runners We Love: Amanda Short

Jul 28 2015

By Steven Olender

"I was so annoying," Amanda Short, one of the top fundraisers of last year's CASA Superhero Run, told me when I asked her key to fundraising success in her first year of the race. "Really, it was just about being incredibly annoying. People must have thought, 'Oh my god, if I donate, she'll stop.'"

Amanda has been a CASA volunteer now for almost a year, working a case with four children, but at the time of last year's race, she was still in training. As a Launch Readiness Manager at Electronic Arts, Amanda loves her job but wanted to do something to really help the community. "Nobody lives or dies by video games," she said. "I'm getting from my CASA commitment the fulfillment I was looking for."

She first learned about the race from a flyer she got in training, but realized it wasn't actually new to her. In a previous year, a family friend ran the race, but she had never before connected that the race was for CASA. She decided to join her friend and bring along her husband and step-daughter as well to cheer her on. "I'm wasn’t very active before the race," she explained, and training for a race and fundraising for CASA with her family "gave me a reason to focus on a goal and stick with it."

Amanda took the meaning she found at CASA and used it to fuel her fundraising, with Facebook posts at least once a week and emails to friends and coworkers. She built her messages around the things she was learning in her training and what CASA is and does. "I think deep down people want to contribute and help out," she told us. "If you pose the request in such a way that it hits that button, that's what you're trying to do."

Amanda's best advice for fundraisers:

"You need to be super persistent but so nice about it that no one can be mad at you."