Rogue Running and a superpower comparison

Sep 12 2013

By Callie Langford

Rogue Running is a pretty big superhero for kids in the greater Austin community. For the past 4 years as they have served as the official running sponsor for the CASA Superhero Run, supporting our annual event that raises crucial funds and awareness to help children who’ve been abused or neglected. But their superhero qualities don’t just stem from their support for this event.

You may not know that there is a superhero named Rogue. She comes from the Marvel Comics universe and is most commonly known as a member of the X-Men team of mutant superheroes. She is most easily recognized by the iconic white streaks in her otherwise dark hair and was played by Anna Paquin in the most recent X-Men movies.

Her superpower is a unique one: she has the ability to absorb another person’s abilities, memories and powers. And that’s where we believe the common ground between her and our local Austin Rogue end.

While the X-Men Rogue has a habit of taking away other people’s powers, Rogue Running is in the business of giving powers. They take non-runners and transform them into runners. They take good runners and turn them into great runners for whom tremendous distances are no obstacle. They create unique and fun race experiences that add tremendously to the list of opportunities for Austin runners. They even plan very non-local running expeditions to take runners on incredible experiences across the world (including their upcoming trip to Morocco this spring)! And of course, they regularly support charity causes and events, including our CASA Superhero Run. 

Rogue Running, unlike Rogue of X-Men, is all about giving back. And that’s why we’re big fans of their work and very happy to have our own local superheroes on our side, because their superpowers extend far beyond being able to run as fast as The Flash!