Meet Volunteer Advocates Kathy & Ben Orgain

Dec 10 2012

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Kathy and Ben Orgain grew up together in Beaumont and started dating after college. They have two sons and a daughter and they both love gardening and traveling.

Ben, a retired banker, has used his career expertise to help CASA for years as a Board member for Texas CASA and CASA of Southeast Texas in Beaumont. They knew they wanted to become volunteer advocates someday, and now are working their first case with CASA of Travis County.

Kathy’s career as a registered nurse has been a great asset in their advocacy: “An RN’s education is based on communication, assessment and evaluation. Our basic education starts with human development, and that’s very helpful when working with children.”

They volunteer as a couple on a case with a large family of children. “We both have different strengths and we try to play to those. We spend time with all the children, but we may spend specific time with individual kids based on who connects best with who,” shares Kathy. Ben says they “bring stability to the case, especially since we’re a husband and wife volunteering together. The family sees a married couple who’s concerned about them and wants to work with them.”

Kathy loves seeing the kids’ “joy for life. Even though this is the worst time of their lives so far, they can still giggle and run and play. You forget that as adults.”