Meet Volunteer Advocates Katelyn Brough and Austin Trees

Jun 06 2017

By Steven Olender

“We both grew up in big families, surrounded by love and people that would do anything for us,” says Katelyn Brough. “We want to be there for kids who don’t have that.”

Katelyn had been volunteering with CASA of Travis County for three years when she met Austin Trees during a night out with friends. They hit it off right away, bonding over their ambitions, love of the outdoors, and playful spirits.

Hearing about Katelyn’s work and seeing her dedication to kids inspired Austin, so he applied to volunteer with CASA, too. Now they work cases together, serving nine kids between the two of them. “It definitely brought us closer as a couple,” she explains. “And it’s just a lot more fun doing it together.”

Both Katelyn and Austin are in their twenties and even younger at heart, so they enjoy being active with the kids on their cases, tossing a football or going to a movie, even bringing along their English Bulldog, Bruce. Being a couple, they love that they get to model what healthy relationships look like for the kids they serve.

They make a great team and balance each other on their cases, Austin’s calm demeanor complimenting Katelyn’s organization and attention to detail. “On a bad day, it’s nice to be able to fall back on each other,” says Austin. “She’s definitely the Batman. I’m more of the Robin.”