Meet Volunteer Advocate Mary Nev Talbott

Jun 26 2012

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Mary Nev Talbott was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and comes from a very big and very close family. “I go to my family for everything, they mean the world to me,” says Mary Nev. She says there are almost 250 people in her extended family, so get-togethers for the holidays and reunions are big!

Now Mary Nev lives in Austin where she loves the laid back feeling, beautiful outdoors and friendly people. She enjoys gardening, hiking, reading and volunteering.

Mary Nev has been a CASA volunteer for 10 years and has advocated for 10 different children. “Coming from such a strong family reminds me that every child needs family and strong connections to adults. That is my hope for every child I volunteer for,” says Mary Nev.

In her many years of volunteering, Mary Nev has always felt there is more to learn. “I’ve learned to be patient and be brave. Sometimes you have to ask the same question over and over to get the right answer for a child,” she shares. Her family is very supportive and always asks how things are going and how they can help, and she has a response ready at all times: “I always say, ‘You can help by becoming a CASA volunteer as well!’”