Meet Volunteer Advocate Jacqueline Hill

Aug 15 2013

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Jacqueline Hill was born in Rochester, New York, and lived in several different cities before moving to Austin in 2001 to be close to her parents. She’s one of five children and comes from a very close family.

Jacqueline works as the Human Resources Manager for Goodwill Industries, and has an MBA from Northwestern University an MFA from Columbia College Chicago. She spends her free time travelling, learning languages, going to concerts and writing. She is currently working on her first novel.

Jacqueline became a CASA volunteer over a year ago and she says that as someone who enjoys learning, she “was really impressed with the amount of education CASA provides volunteers in training. It’s not a superficial thing, it’s very in depth.”

She’s been most surprised by “the things many of us take for granted that don’t come easily to everyone, like transportation and education. I’ve seen a mom who was trying to apply for a job but didn’t have access to a cell phone or a computer to do any of that.” She feels that one of the greatest impacts she has had advocating for children has been “bringing in the things that may be missing from their lives. Some of the children have no male roles models, so I’m helping facilitate that by taking them to football camp and encouraging other interests where strong male role models are present.”