Meet Volunteer Advocate Jack Marshall

Apr 09 2014

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Jack Marshall grew up an Army brat traveling around the world. He graduated from high school in Vicenza, Italy, went to college at West Point, and his military career ultimately landed him in Austin where he ran the Army ROTC program at UT.

Jack and his wife Sue have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. After retiring from the military, Jack ran the investigations division for the Texas Board of Law Examiners for 26 years until he really retired in 2010.

After this final retirement, Jack says he “wanted to find something to do that I would find worthwhile and would give back to the community,” and volunteering with CASA turned out to be a perfect match. He enjoyed the training process and has learned a lot.

“Learning about the Child Protective Services system, how busy and overworked CPS caseworkers are, was a big surprise to me. I discovered that there’s so much to do when you’re involved in a child’s life, and CPS doesn’t have time to do it all. CASA is an integral part of that whole system.”

Jack encourages other men to volunteer with CASA as there are many youth in need of a positive male role model and there are not enough male CASA volunteers. As he’s working on his second case and been volunteering for two years, Jack says, “I went into this totally blind and it’s been so rewarding for me. I can’t imagine it not being rewarding for almost anybody.”