Meet Volunteer Advocate Hubert Bell

Jun 11 2015

By Steven Olender, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

When Hubert Bell Jr. "got more sense" and gave up drag racing, he started breeding race horses. When he wanted to make a difference, he became a CASA volunteer.

Bell, a civil practice attorney who still restores performance cars and also raises beefalos (a cattle/bison hybrid) on his Burleson County ranch, knew he wanted to help children. "They don't have a say, a voice in their life experience," he explained. "They're born into a family and if they are abused or neglected, it's not the kid's fault. They're a victim of circumstance."

Bell saw himself working with whole classrooms of kids, but a friend convinced him to attend a CASA info session. He realized that "maybe influencing one kid is better than not influencing ten," but it was CASA's training program that convinced him he could have that influence.

His supervisor's support was also crucial for Bell. "I enjoy working with people who want to help others," he said. "I like being associated with those kinds of people."

Now he's almost two years into his first case and whenever he isn't sure of his impact a moment makes it clear. "When you hear a kid tell you something you told him six months ago and it's his idea now, you say, 'Hmm, maybe he did hear that. He listened. I made an impression.' That's rewarding.”