Meet Volunteer Advocate Flora Gray

Oct 23 2013

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Flora Gray was born in Louisiana and moved to Houston with her family in her early teens. She ultimately moved to the Austin area to be closer to her grandchildren. Flora was a single parent raising her one daughter, who is now a mother of two.

Flora shares that she dropped out of high school, but when she became a parent she “recognized that I had to do something since I couldn’t raise my child on minimum wages.” She went back to school, ultimately earned a degree in healthcare administration and has worked many years as a project manager in the healthcare IT industry.

Flora began training to be a CASA volunteer in August of 2012 and says she just loves it. “The most rewarding thing was when I put a proposal before the judge in the best interest of my child and the judge accepted it,” she says, noting how emotional it was for her to know the child was getting what she needed.

Flora thought about being a CASA volunteer for an entire year before getting started, but says she’s hooked now. She wants to make sure kids “know that somebody cares for them and wants them. It’s a matter of just being there more than anything else. I take every opportunity I can to let my child know I’m advocating and fighting for her, and that things are going to be okay.”