Meet Volunteer Advocate Elizabeth Newsom

Feb 25 2014

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Elizabeth Newsom may have one of the most fun jobs in Austin. She’s the owner of Sno-Beach Austin, where she worked all through high school and summers during college before buying the business from the previous owners. Elizabeth was born and raised in Austin and is happy to now be a business owner here with the loyal Austin community.

Prior to becoming a sno-cone professional, Elizabeth got her bachelor’s degree in Polymer and Textile Chemistry from Clemson University. When not working, Elizabeth loves being outdoors and especially spending time at the park with her dog, an English Mastiff that weighs 140 pounds.

Elizabeth originally volunteered at Helping Hand Home where she developed a strong interest in helping kids in the child welfare system. Becoming a CASA volunteer was the perfect next step.

“Having to be in court and deal with attorneys and judges has really built up my confidence and public speaking ability,” says Elizabeth. 

“You’re starting off a relationship with a kid who may be sick of people coming into their life and telling them what’s best for them. The moment when everything changes and the kid accepts you – invites you to an honor roll lunch or Christmas play – and the feeling you’re really a part of their life is overwhelming. Seeing a kid do a complete 180 with our relationship, with their behavior, with everything going on in their life… that’s the most powerful thing.”

Elizabeth not only gives her time to CASA, she's also made CASA one of Sno-Beach's charity causes