Meet Volunteer Advocate Dawn Crane

Apr 09 2013

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Dawn Crane was born in Michigan and raised in Ohio. Being stationed at Fort Hood brought her to Texas over 20 years ago. She has a one child and 3 dogs.

Dawn’s an entrepreneur with two small businesses including a cosmetics company that she will be re-launching this summer. Dawn loves to hike on Austin’s many trails and head to Colorado for skiing when she can. She also enjoys vintage and antique shopping.

Dawn has been volunteering with CASA of Travis County for a year and a half and has advocated for 5 children. “I can see why it is so important to have CASA involved in this system for kids, how important it is to have someone running quarterback and keeping everyone informed, since kids can really fall through the cracks quickly,” shares Dawn.

Dawn has volunteered for many organizations in Austin and says that CASA has been both the hardest work and the most rewarding. “With kids, you really see the impact of what you’re doing,” she says.

“It’s the most amazing volunteer job. You will grow in ways you never thought you needed to grow. I get so much joy and excitement when I see these kids succeed, all of their little successes… it’s just amazing.”