Meet Volunteer Advocate David Rivera

Nov 10 2014

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine 

Since retiring from a 31 year career in electrical engineering, David Rivera has spent a lot of his time doing good.

He volunteers with CASA of Travis County and other organizations, spends time gardening, plays in the praise band at Emmanuel United Methodist Church and is going into the ministry. He is currently studying for his Masters of Divinity at Southern Methodist University.

David grew up in Mission, Texas and came to Austin to attend the University of Texas. He has two sons, one in the Air Force and another who is a social worker.

He started volunteering with CASA in 2010 and has been focused on one child and case since then. “I wanted to provide a stable relationship for my CASA kid,” says David. “It was a tough but good experience. There were many ups and downs.”

David helped encourage his youth’s interest in rap music and composing songs by sharing his own love of music as he was learning to play electric bass for his praise band and listening to what this young man would write. He shares that his experience with CASA has “helped improve my relationship with my own kids.”