Meet Volunteer Advocate Courtney Valentine

Aug 21 2012

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Courtney Valentine loves exploring Austin with her two dogs. They go to Barton Springs and pretty much anywhere else they can cool off from the Texas heat. Courtney grew up in Connecticut, so the heat was definitely a shock when she moved to Austin to go to get her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas.

Her studies have always been focused on education and psychology including an undergraduate degree in human development and a masters of education focusing on risk and prevention for youth and families. Before moving to Austin, Courtney served as a case manager for foster youth in San Diego. There she met a CASA volunteer who made a huge impact on the life of the child she was advocating for.

“I knew that was something I wanted to do – a great way to work with these kids – so as soon as I could I signed up!” shares Courtney. She’s worked with five children over her years as a CASA volunteer. As a volunteer, the most important thing to Courtney is “building a strong relationship with the child. That takes time and consistency. You have to put energy into making sure that you do what you say you’re going to do, and every interaction with them has to show them you care.”