Meet Volunteer Advocate Ana Smith-Daley

May 28 2014

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Ana Smith-Daley was born in Honduras and moved to Indiana to attend college. Ana subsequently moved to New York and then New Jersey where she graduated from college. Ana worked for an insurance company on the east cost for 29 years and then moved to Texas where she worked with the Department of Insurance for almost 15 years before retiring.

Ana’s husband, Roy, was her childhood sweetheart in Honduras. They both came to the U.S. separately and married other people but years later found each other again, both single, and got married. They have 5 grandchildren. Now retired, Ana and Roy love travelling, walking, bike riding, dancing and reading.

Ana began volunteering with CASA in the fall of 2012 after seeing an article calling for volunteers and finding out that her first boss at the Department of Insurance was a CASA volunteer. Roy assists Ana on CASA cases as her Helping Heart, a great way for couples to both be involved with the organization.

Ana has appreciated the opportunity to work with “young parents who for some reason got misguided and on the wrong track. I saw issues brought to their attention and watched them evaluate where they were headed. I got to see a whole family turn around and become a whole unit that they weren’t before. Seeing that transformation really made me happy.”