Mayor Adler proclaims May 16 CASA of Travis County Day!

May 16 2015

Be it known that

CASA of Travis County is celebrating 30 years of empowering Austin to speak up for children; and,

In those 30 years, CASA has been a powerful voice for more than 10,000 children who’ve been through abuse or neglect; and,

In their first year, CASA recruited and trained 43 volunteers who served 85 children and they now support more than 600 volunteers who advocate for more than 1,600 children a year; and,

CASA of Travis County has developed specialized programs to find family connections for children, prepare teens who are aging out of foster care for adulthood, build an inclusive volunteer and staff community, advocate for the educational needs of children, and help children heal from trauma;

Now, Therefore,
I, Steve Adler, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas,
Do hereby proclaim
May 16, 2015 as CASA of Travis County Day in Austin