Little superheroes grow up to do great things!

May 18 2012

By Callie Langford

Over the past two years of hosting the CASA Superhero Run many people have asked about the cute little Superman mascot that graces our posters each year. He happens to be a former CASA child advocacy specialist, and he also happens to be all grown up now and doing some pretty great things. A UT law graduate, Michael O’Keefe Cowles was just awarded the 2012 Julius Glickman Fellowship in Public Interest Law. With this fellowship he will be working full-time over the next 2 years to provide legal aid to low-wage workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Superman all grown up!

We’re pretty proud of the work Michael is doing. It’s nice to know you can be a superhero at any age. Two years ago at the run a little boy in his superhero costume looked at his mom and said, “If abused kids see that other kids are superheroes, then they’ll know that they can be superheroes too.”

That’s why we do the Superhero Run. We want to make sure that all kids have the chance to grow up happily, achieve success and even be superheroes if they want to. The Superhero Run not only shows kids that they can be anything they want, it raises the crucial funds and awareness to provide more children with the powerful voice of a CASA volunteer to help guide them through the toughest times in their young lives.

We encourage you to start thinking about what kind of superhero you will be? Who will you help? What superpowers will you use to do good? Tell us all about it in the comments below, and then get that costume together and register for the Superhero Run!

And if anyone else has great childhood superhero photos they’re willing to share with us like Michael did, send em on over!! Who knows, we might be blogging about your heroic efforts someday soon.