Judge Byrne swears in 40 people to advocate for kids in Austin!

Mar 21 2013

We had a huge crowd at our Swearing-In Ceremony Tuesday evening. We had 40 advocates sworn-in by Judge Darlene Byrne plus tons of family and friends cheering in support! Today we wanted to share some of Judge Byrne’s words to volunteers from that evening:

I’m so impressed by the courage you’re showing by being here, the sacrifice you’re showing by being here. One of the most precious things in our life is time. You can’t make it and you can’t get it back… once it’s gone it’s gone. Your actions being here tonight - giving your time to kids - gives me a great deal of hope for our community.

What you’ve decided to do in this journey you’re joining me and each other on is to try to make that one difference for a child. We may not be able to change the world, but if we can change, in a good and positive way, the life of one person, there’s a trickledown effect. It just multiplies exponentially… the people that you impact through that one human touch that is positive, good, safe, healthy, supportive, nurturing, and constantly there.

Case after case a CASA volunteer stands up in my courtroom to tell me about the child they’re advocating for. You know this kid better than I do. You know where they are, you know where they’re sleeping at night. I rely on you getting all in. I want you swimming in this experience with your child or children.  They need your voice. I need your voice in the courtroom to make the best decisions I can for these kids.

They say one of the most impactful things to improve the life of a child is just one constant human. Someone who is always in your corner on the good days and on the bad.  What these children need is someone even when they’re acting out, even when they’re not good. And you, CASA volunteers, you always show up.

I want to just thank you for doing this. I think you’re going to get a whole lot more out of it than you’re going to give, and I know you’re going to give a lot.

40 people sworn-in by Judge Darlene Byrne to advocate for kids in Austin

And to the rest of the audience of family and friends, Judge Byrne shared the following advice:

Your CASA volunteer is going to need some hugs. There are going to be some tough days in their volunteer work. Just listen and love them and encourage them to go back out there and do it again.

We are so inspired by each of our volunteer advocates. Our quarterly Swearing-In Ceremony is always a special event to us as we get to hear what motivates these amazing members of our Austin community to give their time so generously to children who need their help and support. If you’re not already a CASA volunteer, we hope you will consider becoming one, or joining us at our next Volunteer Info Session & Dinner on April 2nd to learn more. We would love to see you at a Swearing-In Ceremony soon!

See all the photos from Tuesday’s Swearing-In Ceremony on Flickr.