Dorothy, Scarecrow and the Tin Man talk Adoption Day

Nov 15 2012

Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man recently sat down with CASA to tell us about their experiences at Adoption Day. Here's what they had to say about this joy-filled event:

What was your favorite part of Adoption Day?

Dorothy: The smiles on all of the kids and families! It was such a happy day.

Scarecrow: My favorite part of Adoption Day was seeing all the children getting new moms and dads and families! They got their wishes granted and didn't even have to go to Oz to see the Wizard!

Tin Man: There was one particular couple who was adopting a sibling group, 4 young children, and the look on the 'soon to be' parents' faces was difficult to describe. The parents were very busy tending to the needs of the children, who were too young to understand the importance of the day, but all I saw were two adults who showed love, patience and pure joy.  It was heartwarming (at least I think it was, it's a very new heart and I'm still getting used to it), knowing that all four children would soon become a family and have a mom and dad of their very own. It might be much later before all the children understand the importance of the day, but it was obvious they already had received a wonderful gift... LOVE.

Dorothy, you know better than everyone that there’s no place like home, so what did you think about all the kids who got to go to a permanent, safe, loving new home after Adoption Day?

Oh, I just loved seeing the families be united forever! I remember being in Oz and missing my family terribly. I stopped at nothing to get back to them and seeing these families finally be together after such hard work is just amazing! I’m sure these families had their own Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Good Witch of the North (oh and Ruby slippers of course!) to help them get there as well.

Scarecrow, since you don’t have a brain, how did your heart feel when you saw a kid hug his or her new parents and siblings after their adoption?

My heart felt as big as the heart that the Tin Man got!  I thought it was going to bust out of my chest! But it's good it didn't because then there would've been a pretty good mess of straw to clean up!

Tin Man, you wear a pretty tough outfit made of tin. How do you think adoptive families can be like a suit of armor for kids who need families?

I believe that adoptive families have to be strong and look beyond the difficulties that these innocent children have endured to concentrate on the future. They need to shield the children from heartache whenever possible and focus on how they can do their best to provide a safe and loving future.

The Wizard of Oz characters at Adoption Day 2012