David Rubin wins National CASA Board Member of the Year

Jun 24 2014

Our very own David Rubin, former Board President at CASA of Travis County, was honored with the 2014 National CASA Association Board Member of the Year award this month at the National CASA Conference! We want to congratulate and thank David for his visionary leadership. This award is well-deserved and we're extremely proud to share David's accomplishments with you today:

"I have seen CASA of Travis County grow, evolve and become more sophisticated during David's tenure. Many of the impressive achievements we have observed over the last several years have corresponded to David's time on the CASA board of directors." - Alan Topfer, Board Member, Topfer Family Foundation

David Rubin began his commitment to CASA as a volunteer. He advocated for the best interest of a brother and sister who’d been badly abused. His dedication to these children was such that when the girl needed to meet with the prosecutor to prepare for the possibility of testifying against her father, David was the one person she wanted to go with her to that meeting.

After helping to find safe, permanent homes for these children and seeing them adopted into forever families, David joined our Board of Directors. It was a challenging time for us but David brought enthusiasm, optimism and vision to the Board and to our organization as a whole.

In nearly seven years on the Board, David has served as the President, Vice-President, Governance Chair and Campaign for CASA Chair. He has been the champion of a strategic plan to achieve our vision of a trained CASA volunteer for every child who needs one. He is the ideal model of a committed Board member who is attentive to and supportive of the organization’s needs, generous with his time, talent and treasure and always an ambassador for our mission. Even with a very busy life as a husband and father of three and as a successful entrepreneur in Austin, David never says no to CASA.

During David’s time on the Board, we have increased the number of children served by 30%, the number of active volunteers by 49% and revenues by more than 60%.

Other Board members have observed that David’s positive energy, his creativity and unshakable belief in what is possible have been essential to CASA’s growth from serving 65% of the children in care in Travis County to 86% currently.

“David’s influence as a Board member means that we are always focused on the vision. Every significant decision is filtered through the lens of answering David’s question – how do we serve every child who needs us?” - Executive Director Laura Wolf

David truly embodies what is most valuable about CASA --- the power of individuals to make a difference in the lives of children.

David Rubin, National CASA Board Member of the Year