CASA wins Best of Austin 2012!

Nov 08 2012

First of all, we want to thank Austin for voting CASA as the Austin Chronicle's 2012 Best of Austin Social Program!

Second, we want to thank Austin for actually making CASA the best social program. Our program of powerful advocacy for children who have experienced abuse or neglect would not exist without the more than 550 dedicated Austin volunteer advocates and thousands of Austin supporters who make this important work happen.

It is because of you that we are able to serve more than 1,400 children each year. It is because of you that children who have been abused or neglected have a dedicated adult watching out for them, getting to know them and speaking up in court for their best interest. It is because of you that children have a home instead of feeling lost, and are made a priority instead of feeling invisible.

We know the CASA program works:

  • A recent study by Texas Appleseed, "Improving the Lives of Children in Long-term Foster Care," reports that "If a child has a CASA, the CASA usually is the only person who truly knows the child and knows how the child is really doing."
  • National CASA reports that children with CASA volunteers are more likely to receive therapy, health care and education, more likely to do better in school, less likely to be bounced from one place to another, less likely to get stuck in long-term foster care and significantly more likely to reach safe, permanent homes.
  • A CASA volunteer is often the child's only link to maintaining family connections and can be instrumental in identifying family members as temporary or permanent placement options.
  • Most importantly, children themselves report that they know and can rely on their CASA volunteers.

But it wouldn't work nearly so well if it weren't for all of you in Austin who make CASA of Travis County one of the top ten CASA programs in the nation. We are poised to become the first urban CASA program in the nation to have a trained CASA volunteer for 100% of the children in need in our community, because of you.

So if you didn't get the gist of this message...

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