CASA volunteers are a constant support for children in foster care

May 06 2014

Dear friend,

Imagine you’re a kid again. Now imagine you’re a kid in foster care.

You’ve left behind everything familiar to you – your parents, your home, your school and possibly even your brothers and sisters. You’re in an unfamiliar place with new adults, and even they keep changing. You have new caseworkers, new foster parents, new teachers… and you never know when they’ll change again.

You’re lost, scared, alone. You need someone you can trust – a dedicated adult you can count on to be there, to not disappear.

That’s where a CASA volunteer comes in. A CASA volunteer is dedicated to one child or family of children. They are a constant positive presence bringing a desperately needed sense of normalcy to children during the most traumatic time of their lives. And they are always looking out for what the child needs.

Will you be a constant for kids as well? Today I’m asking you to give $10, $20 or $30 a month to help kids. By becoming a sustaining donor to CASA of Travis County, you will be providing constant support for kids who’ve been abused or neglected, just like a CASA volunteer. 

Each month CASA volunteers do so much for kids: they spend time with them; talk to their families, foster parents, caseworkers and lawyers; meet with teachers, therapists and doctors; research important resources to help the child or family; discuss recommendations with their CASA supervisor; and every few months they share what they’ve learned with the judge in court. 

We ask them to do all these things for at least a year and they take it on willingly to help kids in need.

Now I’m asking you to support kids every month by giving for at least one year. It’s easy to set up your gift and have the confidence of knowing that each month you are making a positive difference for children who’ve been abused or neglected.

In the tumultuous and overburdened world of foster care, CASA volunteers have sometimes been the only person constant enough in a child’s life to remember their birthday. They have been the only person a child calls when they’re feeling down, or when they’re wanting to run away from all the pain and loss they’re dealing with.

That constant, trustworthy adult is so important for children. 

Your constant support is too. That is why I’m asking you to give. Decide how much you can give each month and make your gift online right now. 

Your sustaining gift means Austin’s most vulnerable children will have the powerful voices of CASA volunteers, safe homes and promising futures. Please don’t hesitate to make it.

Make your sustaining gift to CASA kids

Laura Wolf
Laura D. Wolf
Executive Director