Campfire Songs to Karate: Helping kids act like kids this summer

Jul 07 2015

By Callie Langford

A CASA volunteer called recently with an exciting update about a young girl she’s been appointed to for many years. This pre-teen has always been the worrier of her family, often assuming the role of parent with her siblings.

The volunteer was excited to share that she had just picked this girl up from summer camp and that she had “never seen her act like a little girl.” The girl was talking about all the fun and goofy things you do at camp like these were some of the best experiences she had ever had. She went on about how amazing the counselors were, how much she enjoyed campfire songs and how she couldn’t wait for next summer to go back. Our volunteer had never seen this side of her, finally being able to be a kid!

Part of our role as advocates for kids is to help bring a sense of normalcy to their very tumultuous lives. Volunteers can do this in part by simply being a consistent adult that children can count on to show up and keep their word. In addition, CASA volunteers can make outside the box recommendations and sometimes help secure resources to give kids some of the everyday childhood experiences many of us may take for granted.

In this case, the volunteer facilitated the whole camp experience. She found out about the camp and applied for a scholarship that covered the majority of the costs. The camp required that the final $100 be paid for by family. When the family couldn’t help with this, CASA was able to step in and fund the rest.

Beyond fundraising to meet our vision of a CASA volunteer for every child in need, CASA of Travis County also raises a small pool of funds each year to meet the additional needs of the children we serve. From purchasing diapers and formula for a baby, buying a bike for a teen to get to school and work, purchasing a class ring to help celebrate the achievement of high school graduation, to sending kids to summer camps and extracurricular activities, these funds help bring a sense of normalcy to children’s lives and ensure important needs.

This summer alone we have been able to help children attend overnight and day camps, take gymnastics and karate, learn about Lego robotics, participate in band, and get tutoring. Giving children these experiences requires a CASA volunteer who knows them well enough to advocate for their individual needs and the support of donors who help us fund these special projects. Please consider donating today to help kids be kids and make sure children have the things the need to grow up happy and healthy (Please note that you’re giving to CASA’s Direct Service Funds in the Additional Information section of our donation form).