6 More Reasons to Give to CASA during Amplify Austin

Mar 03 2015

Update: You helped CASA raise $36,834.22 during Amplify Austin 2015! Thank you Austin!

By Callie Langford

Last year we shared 6 excellent reasons to give to CASA during Amplify Austin. This year we'd like to share 6 more reasons to donate: Ben, the Gutierrez siblings, Mikaley, Deana, Oscar, and Millie and Jonathan. Ok... it's actually 10 reasons to donate this year!

Ben and the Gutierrez Siblings

16 year-old Ben came into care while living with dangerous family members – there were meth labs, gang members and more. His fearless CASA got everyone to reconsider his birth mother, who’d been unable to care for him as a baby but was now doing well. CASA brought her back into his life. At CASA’s final visit before the case closed, his mom told us how Ben had woken up early to clean the house for her. He said he was so happy to be home and wanted his mom to know it.

The Gutierrez siblings came into care after severe abuse and neglect. Their 2 years in foster care were tumultuous with emergency removals, last minute change of plans and trial. CASA was the one stable force for these 4 kids, testifying in trial, finding placement options and resources and ultimately making sure all 4 kids were adopted by the same foster family!

Mikaley and Deana

Little Mikaley came into care because of her mom’s drug addiction. Her dad didn’t feel he’d done anything wrong and was upset about CPS being in his life. CASA worked with the dad, encouraging him through parenting classes and services to learn how their whole home could be a safer, better place for Mikaley. Now Mikaley is reunited with her dad who thanked CASA at the end: “I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I’m different as a parent now. My relationship with my daughter is different… you have changed us as a family.”

When CASA first met Deana, she had been in CPS for a long time and we were very concerned about where her future would take her. She had an interest in cooking, so CASA took her to their Transitioning Youth Project Meet-Ups on healthy eating to encourage this interest. There she connected with mentors to encourage her in this path. Now, having aged out of care, Deana has a great job in catering, a home and a strong support group to turn to when times are tough.

Oscar, Millie and Jonathan

Little Oscar’s home with his grandmother was falling apart and he was days from going into foster care. CASA’s Family Finding team took on the case and after finding an obituary were able to locate family members including two adult brothers and an aunt to the little boy that no one had previously known about. Now, having avoided the trauma of going into foster care, Oscar is living happily with his aunt and in touch with his siblings for the first time.

Millie and Jonathan came into care because of their mom’s substance abuse and mental health issues. She tried hard to work services but ultimately realized she couldn’t care for them the way they needed. When an adoptive family was found, CASA worked diligently to move the complicated process along so the children could get to a permanent home. Their CASA volunteer even worked with the adoptive family, sharing her own adoptive experiences to help them adapt to the idea of an open adoption where the children could stay connected to their biological mom.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we're raising $30,000 for kids during Amplify Austin 2015 on March 5th and 6th! If we reach this goal, a local family foundation will match the gift for a total of $60,000. That money will give 40 children the powerful voice of a CASA volunteer for an entire year! That's 40 more reasons to give this year!

Update: You helped CASA raise $36,834.22 during Amplify Austin 2015! Thank you Austin!