$3,765 in school supplies donated to CASA kids!

Aug 19 2014

Anyone who has taken our CASA volunteer training knows our awesome Training Director Lydia Garcia. For the past two summers, Lydia has taken on a very different role from training based on the needs she saw for CASA children as school is getting started. She's just completed her second annual school supplies drive where she mobilizes her friends, local organizations and CASA volunteers and trainees to make sure our kids are prepared for a successful school year:

I started this last year in an effort to help our kids and families who are already burdened with so much. Kids are already dealing with all the changes, emotions, etc involved with being a child in the CPS system. These changes can be just as traumatic as the abuse or neglect they've already suffered. At the same time, many of their relatives are being asked by this system to step up for their family and take kids into their homes while parents are working on the issues that caused the family to be involved with this system in the first place. These are families who already have financial burdens of their own, yet they take the kids into their homes. They don't have the same financial support that foster parents do for the direct care of kids so they struggle, especially when school starts because they have to get all new supplies for each child and school lists are extensive and expensive. These are costs many people don’t even have to think twice about… things that, as adults, we've been able to take for granted. It is my strong belief that no child should ever have to go to school on the first day not having everything they need to start the school year off right just because their families can't afford it. This especially applies to our kids, as they have enough on their minds as it is.

On a personal note, this is a way for me to pay homage to my mother, Sarah M. Garcia. She was a retired educator who strongly believed in the value of education and that it should be a right of all children, not a privilege, to have everything they need to be set up for success. She, like so many educators, was not only an educator but also a giver, volunteer, helper to all. This is my very small way of continuing that tradition.

Kids with backpacks, school supplies, excited for school

Thank you to all of our donors who brought in an estimated $3,765 in school supplies: Sarah Sanchez-Leal & Manos de Cristo, Hindu Charities for America, Hector Coronado De Anda & Lourdes de Coronado, Trisha Konkler & Mac Haik Dodge Chevrolet Jeep (Temple, TX), Mariza Semegran & Joshua Gossett & family, Josie & Paul Kleypas, Harrold Harrison, Aidee "Karinna" Quintero, Lindsey Dugan & J. Crew staff, Everett & Juli Carmody, Katie Moore & Central City Austin Church, KIDS, INC, Nancy Eisenhuth & St. David's employees, Margaret McKinney, Qunisha Simmons, Stacey Thompson, Kelli Agnell and Lydia Garcia.