35 CASA volunteers sworn-in to advocate for kids

Feb 06 2014

We celebrated the swearing-in of 35 CASA volunteers this week. This was a wonderful sign in the midst of record numbers of appointments to new children coming into the care of Child Protective Services. Before getting to know our newest volunteers, Judge Darlene Byrne shared her perspective on what makes CASA volunteers great:

I was just talking with a bunch of our judges. We’re in the process of hiring another associate judge and we were discussing the ideal characteristics for a judge in this court.

My favorite answer?

“They need to love children and families. They need to have a passion for children and families.”

Well, the folks in this room tonight have a passion for children and families… I’m so thankful for you.

How much you care about kids. That’s one of your core characteristics that I appreciate so much.

Next is your courage and tenacity. Court is intimidating; especially when you’re that lone voice out there making a statement that might be tough. It might be challenging to speak about a parent in a certain way or to advocate for something cutting edge for a kid, but I will tell you that if you do not do it, oftentimes nobody else does. I need you… the kids need you.

I can tell you that I have seen nothing like CASA. CASA volunteers make a difference in life of a child. It’s just bottom line, end of statement - CASA makes a difference. We couldn’t do what we do in this county without you.

Congrats to all of our newly sworn-in volunteers! We are so excited to have your support for children in our community! See all the photos from this week's ceremony on Flickr and Facebook!