Meet Volunteer Advocate Mandeep Chatha

Meet Volunteer Advocate Mandeep Chatha

Mar 26 2014

Mandeep Chatha-Homer  was born in India and immigrated to the United States at a young age. She was raised mostly in Fort Worth and moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas where she studied Government, Asian-American Studies and Philosophy. Read More

6 Reasons to donate to CASA during Amplify Austin

Mar 17 2014

Update: You helped CASA raise $25,009 during Amplify Austin 2014! Thank you Austin!

Amplify Austin is a city-wide day of giving to raise millions of dollars for Austin nonprofits between 6 pm Thursday, March 20th and 6 pm Friday, March 21st! Last year you helped us raise $17,555 – enough to give more than 11 children who’ve been abused or neglected a CASA volunteer for an entire year. 

For 2014, our goal is to raise $22,500 to give 15 children a CASA volunteer for a year! We need your help to hit that high note, so here are 6 reasons why you should donate to CASA during Amplify Austin:

1. Our kids are our community’s future.

They are the ones who will continue to Amplify Austin down the road and we have to watch out for them now. We have to make sure their futures are bright. One out of four youth in foster care will end up homeless or in prison. CASA is working hard to change the negative statistics around kids in foster care and build a better future for our youth, and in turn, for Austin. Read more< Read More

Knowing Who You Are… Building Connections with Others

Knowing Who You Are… Building Connections with Others

Mar 13 2014

By Molly Latham

Saturday morning came too soon. As my alarm tried to coax me from the warmth and comfort of my bed, the rain against my window all but convinced me that my day was meant for cozying up with warm tea and a book.

But this was not the time for a lazy Saturday. I had work to do.

Friday evening and Saturday, during the weekend of March 7th-8th, CASA hosted Knowing Who You Are, a 1.5 day long workshop focused on exploring race and ethnicity and helping our youth build a healthy sense of self-identity. Over the course of the weekend, a diverse mixture of 16 CASA staff and volunteers came together to talk courageously and openly about race and ethnicity, understanding the unique history of American racial and ethnic relations, and empowering our youth to maintain their cultural roots. Read more< Read More

Supporting Austin’s African American families

Supporting Austin’s African American families

Mar 06 2014

By Qunisha Simmons

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Central Texas African American Family Support Conference. Attendance was diverse for this event with representation from many different members of our community. The conference shared valuable resources and featured powerful and inspirational living testimonials by resilient members of our society who had lives wrapped in traumatic experiences. The service provider’s exhibits were intriguing and really were focused on dealing with self-care, mental health, healthcare and other issues families face while striving to be self-sufficient. There were lots of handouts, freebies and representatives from various agencies providing descriptions of their agencies, what they offered and how we could help the members of our community. Read more< Read More