Meet Volunteer Advocate Flora Gray

Meet Volunteer Advocate Flora Gray

Oct 23 2013

By Callie Langford, Originally published in TODO Austin Magazine

Flora Gray was born in Louisiana and moved to Houston with her family in her early teens. She ultimately moved to the Austin area to be closer to her grandchildren. Flora was a single parent raising her one daughter, who is now a mother of two.

Flora shares that she dropped out of high school, but when she became a parent she “recognized that I had to do something since I couldn’t raise my child on minimum wages.” She went back to school, ultimately earned a degree in healthcare administration and has worked many years as a project manager in the healthcare IT industry. Read more< Read More

Children benefit when state agencies embrace House Bill 1462

Children benefit when state agencies embrace House Bill 1462

Oct 15 2013

By Cruz Correa

The 81st Texas Legislature adopted House Bill 1462 in 2009 and it reads in part:

"A state employee may be granted leave not to exceed five hours each month to participate in mandatory training or perform volunteer services for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) without a deduction in salary or loss of vacation time, sick leave, earned overtime credit, or state compensatory time"

What this means is that state employees of Texas are able to use 5 hours of work time per month to volunteer with CASA of Travis County and any other CASA program in Texas. The Legislature recognized that CASA volunteers serve children who are, on at least a temporary basis, the state’s responsibility and so they offered to support state employees willing to make the commitment to volunteer their time to help these children. Read more< Read More

teleNetwork is a growing superhero for CASA!

Oct 10 2013

By Callie Langford

teleNetwork has been sponsoring the CASA Superhero Run and bringing a large team to this annual event since 2009, and they are growing to be an even bigger superhero for CASA kids every single year. In 2009, they made a $500 sponsorship as a company, but they also paid for more than 50 of their employees to register to run in the race.

Over the years they’ve competed successfully for largest team and supported the race as a sponsor whenever possible, but for 2013, teleNetwork soared up, up and away as they became a $5,000 sponsor through some very creative means. Amber Honeycutt, a training supervisor at teleNetwork, led this year’s efforts. “In previous years we’ve come up just short of a sponsorship, so this year I went to the executives to see if they would match whatever the employees could collect in donations and they agreed to... Read more< Read More