Thank you for being #hereforkids during Amplify Austin!

With your help, and thanks to our generous matching donor, we've raised $85,270 for kids during Amplify Austin! 

You can also be #hereforkids through our $10,000 Amplify Austin Social Match!

Help raise even more money for CASA by joining our Amplify Austin Social Match and get $50 donated to CASA when you post about being #hereforkids.

Download our #hereforkids sign and follow our Social Match instructions:

  • Print the #hereforkids sign on pg 1 (or make your own #hereforkids sign).
  • Take a selfie with the sign. Bonus: Invite your family, friends or coworkers to join you in the photo!
  • Post your photo on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter.
  • Share how you’re #hereforkids and helping CASA.
  • Mention @casatravis and add our Amplify Austin donation link:
  • For every post* with the #hereforkids hashtag and @casatravis mention, our social match donor will give $50 to CASA, up to $10,000!

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Communications Callie Langford via email or 512.539.2644.

*One $50 gift per person, per social channel. 

Be #hereforkids as an Amplify Austin Fundraiser!

Want to go above and beyond to support CASA of Travis County during Amplify Austin? Become an individual fundraiser and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to join you in supporting kids in need of advocacy!

We recommend having your profile set up by February 14th:

  1. Go to our Amplify Austin profile page.
  2. Click on the lime green “Fundraise” button.
  3. Sign in through Facebook or complete the fields on the pop-up screen.
  4. Go to your email inbox and look for a message from “GiveGab” (be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder if it’s not in your main inbox).
  5. Click on the link in the email that says “Visit your fundraising toolkit.” This will open a webpage that allows you to manage your fundraising page.
  6. Click on “Tell Your Story” to customize your page by adding a brief message about how you are #hereforkids and supporting CASA of Travis County. You can also set a dollar goal, add a profile photo, and add a video link in this section.
    • Here is a video about CASA that you can use for your profile page:
    • Take a selfie or family photo with our #hereforkids sign to use as your profile page photo.
    • Set a dollar goal for your campaign! The thermometer on your page will increase as you raise funds. Consider that $250 will recruit a new CASA volunteer and $2,000 will give a child a CASA volunteer for a year!
  7. Share your campaign! Use our ready to go messaging below and personalize however you would like!

Thank you for fundraising for CASA of Travis County!

Cute boy in orange shirt

Fundraiser Messaging

Red text is for your to personalize!


For better Facebook engagement, we recommend sharing a photo of yourself with the #hereforkids sign and then adding your link to the text, versus just sharing your link.

During Amplify Austin 2019, I'm going to be #hereforkids who've been abused or neglected by supporting @CASATravis. I hope you will join me by donating to my Amplify Austin fundraising page! My goal is to raise $250 to recruit a new CASA volunteer to speak up for kids -or- $2,000 to give a child a CASA volunteer for an entire year (or your personal goal)! - your personal fundraising link

Kids can't do it alone. Every kid needs someone to teach them how to tie their shoes, to talk them through a hard day at school, to cheer them on at their soccer game… Kids who’ve been abused or neglected need even more help. They need the help of a dedicated CASA volunteer, so during Amplify Austin 2019 I'm going to be #hereforkids by fundraising for @CASATravis. Please consider a donation to my Amplify fundraising page! - your personal fundraising link


Kids can't do it alone, especially kids who've been abused or neglected. During #AmplifyATX I'm going to be #hereforkids by fundraising for @CASATravis, will you join me? Donate at - your personal fundraising link

Can you be #hereforkids during #AmplifyATX? Donate to my fundraising page supporting @CASATravis to give kids in foster care a dedicated CASA volunteer! Donate at - your personal fundraising link 


Dear friend,

Kids can't do it alone. Every kid needs someone to teach them how to tie their shoes, to talk them through a hard day at school, to cheer them on at their soccer game…

Kids who’ve been abused or neglected have an even greater need for a dedicated adult by their side. They need someone to come see them when they move to a new foster home, to make sure they get to see brothers and sisters when they’re living apart, and to be there when the scariness and confusion of the child welfare system feels overwhelming.

This year during Amplify Austin, I'm going to be #hereforkids by fundraising for CASA of Travis County. My goal is to raise....

I hope you will join me in being #hereforkids by donating at my personal fundraising page - your personal fundraising link. Your gift will ensure that children in foster care have a dedicated CASA volunteer by their side, so they don't have to do it alone.


Your name