Volunteer Training Schedule

The CASA Volunteer Training program consists of 8 flexibly scheduled 3-hour classes, 4 online classes and 3 hours of courtroom observation (39 hours total) completed over a 5-week cycle. Your training begins with CASA 101, after which you can take the remaining 7 in-person classes in any order. Online classes have weekly assignment deadlines. You must finish all 39 hours of training and observation within the 5-week cycle* and all background checks must be completed and cleared in order to be assigned to a case. Classes are offered at a variety of times and days to suit different schedules.

*If currently in training and concerned about completing all classes within the 5-week cycle, please email lydia.garcia@casatravis.org as soon as possible.

2016 Volunteer Training Cycle Dates & Calendars

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Cycle G: October 22 – December 1

Classes & Courtroom Observation


CASA 101 - Introducing the CASA/GAL Volunteer Role
Class 2 - Practicing the CASA/GAL Role, Gathering Information & Meeting Parents
Class 3 - Developing Cultural Competence
Class 4 - Domestic Violence & Family Strengths
Class 5 - Substance Abuse & Poverty
Class 6 - Understanding Children
Class 7 - Communicating as a CASA/GAL
Class 8 - Policies & Procedures

Classroom sessions are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (with one Saturday morning 101) at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm with exceptions for holidays.


Class 9 - Introducing the Child Welfare System
Class 10 - Mental Health & Educational Advocacy
Class 11 - Reporting in Court
Class 12 - Targeted Advocacy

Each online class includes an assignment that will be due on or before the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the cycle in number order.

Courtroom Observation:

 3 Hours of Courtroom Observation to be completed by the final Friday of the training cycle

Additional Training Expectations

Swearing-In Ceremony: Attend this celebratory ceremony to take your volunteer oath after completing training. Swearing-In Ceremonies are held 7 times a year.

The 2016 dates are:

Tuesday, October 18
Tuesday, December 6 

The ceremonies are typically held at 6:30 pm at Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center, 2515 S Congress Ave, Austin 78704.

Continuing Ed: You will be required to complete 12 hours of Continuing Education each year that you are an active volunteer. We offer a variety of trainings and activities to help volunteers complete this requirement. 

For questions regarding the training schedule please email volunteer@casatravis.org.